Gratitude in Times of Trouble

If you’re reading this 50 years from now, you should know that 2017 wasn’t just another benign blip on the calendar, but one full of troubles. And joys. A year full of natural or manmade disasters. A year filled with...

October 16, 2017

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Find out what to order for breakfast, lunch and dinner at these drool-inducing local restaurants offering distinct menus all day.
For today’s average buyer and seller, searching for a home has largely moved online. A plethora of properties can be found in just a few clicks, sometimes making it more difficult to stay on top of the week’s favorite picks.

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Halloween-themed family fun for those of us searching for the non-scary options!
I think it’s safe to say that mid-century modern is back in style! I began noticing furniture companies featuring mid-century pieces in their collections, then we started seeing these pieces used to stage any vintage of property and now we’re seeing true mid-century properties come onto the market. Here are few newly listed mid-century properties available [&hellip...
Yes, San Francisco has an Autumn.
This Palo Alto home showcases some of San Francisco-based Niche Interiors' best work.

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